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BlackBerry Repaired For Lorena S

Today is MY day to receive GREAT customer service! Thank you Josh at Gadget Guru— my “n” key is back on my Blackberry!! (Big deal, you say? Try living for a month without an “n” and see how you like it)

Dell Laptop Repaired For Ken R

Dropped Dell laptop off after it “crashed” y’all told me may not be ready for two days. You called thirty minutes later and she’s ready. That’s called under promising and over delivering. It’s also called excellent service. It pays to shop local! Thanks!

PS3 Repaired For Melissa V

Fixed my PS3 today in just a few hours! It stopped reading disks but now my husband is gleefully playing Assassin’s Creed III.


Your team offers unparalleled service!

-John F

Your team has helped my family out twice so far, with excellent service and results both times.  First, we had the dreaded YLOD on our beloved PS3.  A quick visit and 2 hours later (while we were at our children’s lacrosse game nearby), it was fixed!  Still going strong I might add, even though 7 kids give it a lot of play time.

Next, my wife’s beloved iPhone 4 took a fall out of her hands.  She stopped in while out in the area for another lacrosse event, and 10 minutes later the back of her phone didn’t look like a major car crash.

Your team offers unparalleled service, and top notch customer appreciation.

I can promise you that we will always deal with your organization for all of our technological repair needs.

I cant thank you enough!

- Amanda P

You really saved me from pulling my hair out! My son was crying over the broken PS3 and you fixed it the same day! I cant thank you enough!

Thanks for fixing my iPod so fast

- Aziz K

Thanks for fixing my iPod so fast and restoring all of my data. It was priced fairly too. I wish you well in your business.

I will be telling all of my friends about Gadget Guru!

-Stacy P

I really appreciate you helping me in such a hurry. I didnt have time to come back and you fixed my phone in 20 minutes! Amazing! I will be telling all of my friends about Gadget Guru!

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